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Queer Popular Culture

Palgrave Macmillan

Queer Popular Culture Overview

Queer Popular Culture is an exciting new collection that brings together work from several disciplines that address queer representation in multiple contexts. The articles cover many aspects of contemporary U.S. and international queer culture, including the rise of the queer cowboy, the emergence of lesbian chic, and the expansion of representations of blackness, and work on queer, Taiwanese, online communities. Other essays address queer representations from soap operas to gangster films. The book also includes a pedagogical section that addresses the use of queer concepts in the classroom

Queer Popular Culture Table Of Content

Introduction—Thomas Peele
• Reading for It: Lesbian Readers Constructing Culture and Identity through Textual Experience—Sheila Liming
• New Queer White Trash Cinema—Daniel Cunningham
• Arse Bandits: Exploring Nostalgic Representations of Queerness in Gangster Films—Sharif Mowlabocus
• Straight Shooters and Cowboy Codes: The Queer Frontier and American Identity in a Post-Western World—Zoe Trodd & Christopher Le Coney
• Queering/Quaring Blackness in Noah's Arc—Gust A. Yep & John P. Elia
• Queer as Folk and the Spectacularisation of Gay Identity—Giovanni Porfido
• Diva Interventions: Dana International and Israeli Gender Culture—Amalia Ziv * Fashionably Femme: Lesbian Visibility, Style and Politics in The L Word—Aviva Dove-Viebahn
• All My (Queer) Children: Disrupting Daytime Desire in Pine Valley—Cathy Leaker
• Yaoi—Mark McHarry
• Why (Not) Queer?: Ambivalence about "Politics" and Queer Identification in an Online Community in Taiwan—Terri He
• Reading and Queering Plato in Hedwig and the Angry Inch—Wendy Hsu
• Ellen DeGeneres: Public Lesbian Number One—Jennifer Reed
• Pushing the Boundaries of Basic Writing's Frontier: Using Media Representations of Gay Culture to Teach Basic Writers—Laura Gray-Rosendale & Kendra Birnley
• From Lavender Jane Loves Women to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: On the Uses of Queer Culture in the Interdisciplinary Classroom—Danielle DeMuth & Sharon Barnes

Readers' Reviews